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Fans will tell you about the meteoric rise of Nothing More. About how their music is an argument against the “Rock Music is Dead” argument. Or about how it combines elements of alternative rock hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal to create something amazing, especially with it’s “hard as fuck crunchy riffs”. But how did the band get its start?

The Band Formation

Nothing More’s Jonny Hawkins began playing drums as early as the 7th grade. And around the time, he met guitarist Mark Vollelunga when he heard him play guitar at a church camp. The pair became friends and often met up for jam sessions with other students through middle and high school. In 2003, the friends decided to form a band.

It was around the end of high school when the boys began recording music and touring on the local scene. Which they did for years, while struggling with frequent lineup changes and a lack of a contract from a recording label. This period was marked by the 2004 release of a funk-influenced album, Shelter, that featured vocalist Josh Klaus, bassist Matt Reynolds, and second guitarist Josh Kercheville.

Following a short period of lineup changes, the band recorded and released the EP, Madhatter’s Bliss in July 2005. Then the band finally found their big break after releasing the album Save You/Save Me in 2007 and touring with Thirty Seconds to Mars as well as getting on to The Warped Tour. But the band was at a crossroads.

After frequent lineup changes and a lot of personal troubles in Hawkins life leading to bouts of depression, it was decided that a drastic change was in order. So Hawkins became the band’s frontman and lead vocalist. Which was a move that the band supported.

So with this new direction, and the band removing their old work from circulation as it no longer represented who they were, the band found a new voice.

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