Want to know the best Nothing More music to share with others? Maybe you just want some hot tunes to add to your Spotify lists. Then here’s our choices for some of Nothing More’s best music.

“This Is The Time (Ballast)” is a hot song that begins with a trippy sound that quickly cuts into some hard chunky rock. The snarling delivery of the lyrics are then companioned by some incredible melodies and backing instrumentation for a headbanging good time! Be sure to check out the video since it has some awesome visuals.

“Jenny” is a hard song about addiction, depression, and anxiety. The heavy material is spun with mesmerizing musicality and instrumentality that supports the incredible lyrics. And we have to give credit to the vocal work which is an incredible example of the vocals Nothing More brings to bear. The video has to be seen to be believed.

“Mr. MTV” is an incredibly hard hitting song about how corporate culture creates a world of wanting and taking without giving anything back. It’s a condemnation of a world where people are never satisfied with what they have. And the clever use of “Empty” to stand for “MTV” is incredibly smart.