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Nothing More Concert Locations

Nothing More started touring on the local scene early in their career. At the time, the band was finding its sound and working to create an identity that the members could be proud of. Of course, this also meant that the band had difficulty maintaining its membership as some members came and went after disagreeing with where the band was. But after winning a battle of the bands and the opportunity to perform in front of record label executives, the band decided to change their sound and identity.

This early period of the band’s life can be summarized in their first few years of touring, where they played less than 20 concerts between 2006-2010. But soon after, the band found its footing and had a few more slow years with only 6 concerts played in 2012. Then the following year the band played 44 concerts with most of their shows across North American venues, including their December 5, 2013 show with Korn at Houston’s Revention Music Center.

From 2014-2019, the band played over 70 concerts per year, on average, excluding 2016 where the band played only 31 concerts. But these shows were, according to fans and critics, exceptional showcases of the band’s honed talents.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the band to not perform on the concert scene in 2020-2021. But the band came back to live performances in 2022 with 70 concerts performed or planned for the year and 7 currently planned for 2023.