Nothing More concerts tend to last just shy of two hours long. This can vary depending on opening acts and whether the band plays any encore sets.

In general, the band is known for elaborate and energetic live shows that have a wild pace that some compare to a rock version of Blue Man Group, if Blue Man Group ever opened for Rage Against the Machine. Oftentimes the band sets up two sets of drums for their shows, one for Ben Anderson, the band’s primary drummer, and another for Hawks to join in during sets. This is, in large part, due to Hawkins’ background as the band’s original drummer.

Musically, the band has a heavy hard rock sound so expect loud booming melodies that will rock the arena or venue in use. Especially when the guitarists go through the famous Never More chunky riffs. Thematically, the band often sings about themes and topics that are personal to the group’s members, so you can expect a sincerity that is not often seen in live performances.

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